New Upgrades

We all love upgrades!Today I just wanted to update the team on a few new upgrades that are now in pl

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We all love upgrades!

Today I just wanted to update the team on a few new upgrades that are now in place and also tell you about some of the future plans we have for PTanytime Fitness Studio!

Rogue Dip Bar
Super excited about this one. One of the best pieces for targeting the triceps and secondary chest muscles. Want to increase your bench? You start here!
Bend Over Row Grip
We love pull ups at PTanytime Fitness Studio but you also need to work your back independently to balance it out. This bar will do that while also working the core.
Rogue Neutral Grip Bars
One of the best angles to do pull ups! With the neutral grip you’ll be able to really engage the biceps to help with the pull up.
Next Phase: In the first quarter of 2019 we are planning on making the following upgrades:

  • Adding more power plugs to the studio. We’ll be able to add additional equipment that require power plus a section where clients can recharge their phone during their session.
  • Adding 1-2 oscillating fans. This will help with the air circulation when the garage doors are close.
  • Securing the rubber flooring pads. We are going to lift all the rubber mats and glue them down for a better, secure flooring.
  • Replacing the small refrigerator with a water cooler. You’ll be able to refill your water bottle with cold water while helping eliminate plastic bottles.
  • RV parking section will be converted to a fitness area. We are going to be installing a Sun Shade over the RV parking are next to the studio. We’ll be able to use that area for tire flipping, sled pushing, medicine ball tosses, and much more!

Thank you again for allowing me be your personal trainer! Any feedback and comment about the studio or ideas are always welcome! Also if you want to share your thoughts about PTanytime Fitness Studio, you can click the “Give me a review” button below and leave a review 🙂

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